Why I Wanted to Make Tinctures

A couple of months ago in the grips of a long lock-down due to a stubborn virus, I decided there was a need for an easy way to maintain a strong Immune system. I have been running a tea blending company for as long as my daughter has been on this earth, she is 12 now. The blend for Immune Support Tea is tasty and effective but only for those people willing to brew up some tea. So, I got out my jars, herbs and vodka to start the process of tincturing. The instructions are very simple and you can find them on earlier blogs at here.

The underlying reason for tinctures is that they are able to distill and concentrate the amazing essence and healing qualities of the herbs, roots and berries without waste. The alcohol draws out the constituents of the herbs and holds them in the alcohol. This cold method of tincturing ensures that the maximum concentration of nutrients and botanical ingredients are extracted from the herb. The alcohol and honey (which brings out the wonderful cinnamon, cardamom, and berry flavors) are totally sterile environments and can be preserved for years.

I, personally love the taste of these tinctures and experience certainty of their healing potential. When I take the tincture, either in a warm beverage or from the dropper, it is as though I am making a conscious offering to my body's health.

If nothing else, this corona virus lock-down has shown us the power of self-reliance. We are the keepers of our body temple. We are aware when something is out of balance and we do our best to re-balance. Mostly through rest, relaxing, eating strong foods and drinking water and warm beverages.

This Immune Support tincture can help to maintain a balanced immunity when you are under stress or feel the hint of cold or flu symptoms. It can also help if you have already come down with a cold, to heal it and speed up the process of recovery.

Immune Support Tea/Tincture all organic ingredients: Astragalus, Oregon Grape Root, Eleuthero Root, Goji Berries, Elderberries, Linden Leaf, Cardamom, and Cinnamon.

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