The Birth of Wisdom Nectar Tea

December 17, 2016

Fueled with a passion for purity & healthly beverage options, we began making a fresh, hand-pressed, herbal-infused, local lemonade with flower essences. 

The blend was created with unprecedented flavor, benefits & joy.  And it was a seasonal hit at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market.


Then we were asked..."Do You Make Any Teas?"  

With that simple question, Sparks of Creativity & Possibilty Erupted.

We Listened to the Requests of Friends, Family & People in our Local Community.


Wisdom Nectar Tea was Born... 

The first blend was inspired by Alison, who was going to have a baby.  She wanted to create a blend great for all people of all ages.  Something so nourishing it would benefit her, her child and all beings. We debuted Nourishing Tea at the market in 2008, since then we have created all our teas from the requests of people in our local and global community.  




Alison's Story: 

Wanting to become a mother made me become aware of the toxins in my body & from my past.  Wanting to become pregnant taught me about how to purify my body.  While I was pregnant, I began to drink herbs to tonify the uterus, increase mineral & Vitamin K intake, and stimulate production of milk.  My body became more than just something I was in - it wasn't just for me anymore.  It became important to me that it was clean, purified & healthy.  We are all smart, gorgeous & fully aware of what we need for our own well-being.   Wisdom Nectar Tea is a way to share this realization with my daughter's generation and all those before and after.




 Caitlyn's Story

I enjoy sharing food & tea.   The body is such a responsive vessel. Everything we put into our body has a physical & even psychological affect on us.  We can learn from observing ourself: how our body & mind respond to what we give it.  Tea is a delicious & fun way to get minerals & nutrients into the body.  It is also a great tool to observe the body's subtle changes. I want people to be happy, healthy & empowered to make informed food choices for themselves, their families & the future.  Wisdom Nectar Tea is a way to share what we learn with our community.  



Join us for Tea!







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