Our 5 Favorite Winter Blends

Wintertime is the Perfect time for Tea!

Here are our Five favorites at Wisdom Nectar Tea:

1. Chai Garam:

A traditional ayurvedic blend - excellent for digestion and for warming the body. Blended with whole and lightly crushed herbs to bring the authentic flavors of the spices to you. Also available in a tea soap! SHOP

2. Immune Support:

Boost your immunity with this delicous hot tea. Rich in goji berries, cinnamon and astragulus. SHOP

3. Bedtime Relax:

A soothing evening blend to help calm the body for better rest.

Also excellent to drink at the first sign of a cold to relieve sinus congestion and boost the immune system.

Also available as a tea soap! SHOP

4. Nourishing:

A lovely spearmint tea with rosehips, nettle and oatstraw. Our first blend and rich in trace minerals, Vitamin A, C and K. Restore your minerals and feel refreshed and nourished. Tea soap coming soon! SHOP

5. Lavender Gray:

A classic traditional tea. Made with organic Ceylon tea, bergamont essential oil and lavender blossoms. A Simple Wisdom Blend made with simple ingredients and simply divine. Tea soap coming soon! SHOP

SHOP for all these blends and more at wisdomnectartea.com

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We Love All of You Tea Drinkers

who take the time to boil water and enjoy the quiet moments of the steep.

Thank You! Our business was inspired and continues to grow from your feedback, requests and support.

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