Limited Edition Hand Engraved Vandercook Press Cards

For a Limited Time ONLY -

We are sending out these Hand Engraved Linocut Vandercook cards made by AVW with all ONLINE orders at

An interview with the Artist:

What inspired you to create this piece?

I identified with The Raven and the little bird is my daughter. It is the two of us enjoying a cup of tea in the moonlight.

Have you ever done this process before?

No. It was the first time. It was very fun and I am working on a second edition for this piece. I would like to lighten up the raven a little bit.

What is a Vandercook Press?

A Vandercook Press is the old fashioned way to print newspapers. It is an incredible art of placing fonts, letters and images, securing them in a box and running ink and a press over them. We can make many prints rather quickly in this manner.

What is a Linocut?

A Linocut is a carving process to make a sort of stamp. The image is placed in a block, inked and pressed. There are infinite possibilities to carve. It is a very freeing and surprising art.

How do we learn more? How can a person do this art form?

There are many Letterpress Studios around these days. There is a great one in Tempe: The Phoenix Print Studio. They host classes, workshops and private events.

Phoenix Print Studios can be found at

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