Say "No" to Beaver Butt - the Dirty Secret Behind "Natural Flavor"

September 8, 2015

Beaver What?!

That's right - the beaver is out of the hat!


Jamie Oliver is talking about it, FoodBabe is talking about it, have you heard the dirty secret behind "flavoring"?


The blog Friends Eat published an article about Jamie Oliver's appearance on Letterman's Late Night Show back in 2011.  On that show Jamie Oliver brought the Food Revolution to a whole new level.


"Oliver explained to Dave and his audience that vanilla ice cream contains a product called castoreum. 'It comes from rendered beaver anal gland,' said Oliver. 'It’s in cheap strawberry syrups and vanilla ice cream, and if you like that stuff, next time you put it in your mouth, just think of anal gland.'" 


The article goes on to cite Fernaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients which explains the beaver anal glands, castor sacs, are removed from the beaver during the skinning process and dried to extract the castoreum.  Male and female beavers have these castor sacs and in nature, the yellowish secretion from the castor sac is mixed with the beaver's urine to mark its territory with its scent.


"The fresh pouch contains a yellowish, butter-like mass with a fetid, sharp, aromatic odor. The dried pouch is dark-brown, hard and resinous. Castoreum has a warm, animal-sweet odor, becoming more pleasant on dilution.”


Wow - it just keeps getting more appetizing the more we learn!


So how do you know if the teas you are drinking or the food you are eating has beaver butt in it?

Read the ingredients list.  It will be listed as "natural flavor" or "flavor."


Wisdom Nectar Tea does not use flavorings of any kind in any of its teas or tisanes.  


The taste of Wisdom Nectar Teas are from Actual Herbs, Flowers, Fruits and Essential Oils.


We proudly blend the freshest organic or wild harvested ingredients to make our teas.  We believe that the true herbs, flowers and leaves in our teas are beautiful and delicious as they are.  


Let's celebrate how loose leaf teas and tisanes taste in their purest form.  No flavorings period.  It even makes the beavers happy.



Shop Wisdom Nectar Tea for the cleanest, most delicious organic herbal teas and tisanes. 

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